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The ESAB Welding blankets are produced using heat and flame resistant fabrics. The blankets provide excellent protection from grinding/welding sparks, slag and drops of molten metal. ESAB offer a wide range of blankets with different characteristics and in many different sizes. The blankets are colour coded. When selecting the most suitable blanket for the application, the following factors should be considered: Positioning of the blanket � Sparks hitting a blanket, which is positioned horizontally, will put extra stress on the material and a stronger and more heat resistant blanket should be used. Work application � For light duty welding or cutting a thinner and less heat resistant blanket can be used. For heavy duty welding or cutting when the blanket is exposed to drops of molten metal then a more durable blanket should be used. Flexibility � The weight of the blanket indicates how flexible the fabric is. A blanket of less weight makes it easier to protect small pipes and components where it�s necessary to wrap the blanket.